You are in a good company:

The usability study was run by http://www.apiusabilitytesting.com and I can only recommend their service: I didn’t have to bother with searching for participants, getting them in place, collecting results, etc.
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Jaroslav Tulach, Founder
NetBeans IDE. The Smarter and Faster Way to Code.


We found your reports very useful. We have gained a clearer perspective for developer’s learning flow. They helped us to understand the expectations from API documentation and what information they needed to try it out.

Aytekin Tank, Founder
An easy to use JavaScript Form Builder


We really liked your service, it was useful for us to validate some assumptions we were making.

Jose Luis Martinez, Managing Partner
Meaning as a Service


The most valuable feature of this service for me is to reveal the broken/hard to use part of my API not visible with automated tests.

Adrien Jarthon, Founder
Simple and inexpensive website monitoring


Thank you very much! The use-cases are absolutely great.

Martin Vasko, CEO
Simple and intuitive document-encryption in the cloud


Our services are used by software development teams who want to get honest feedback on the usability of their APIs, in terms of developer friendliness, intuitiveness, documentation, etc. We can divide our customer teams into two groups:

  • The first group is made up of teams who have already released their APIs but want to improve the experiences developers have with them, to identify any weaknesses in their usability and to obtain some honest feedback.
  • The second group includes those who are developing an API and want to test its design and intuitiveness on real developers before investing time and money into the implementation of the API. These APIs are often incomplete and raw, existing only on paper or in code sketches.