Meet our new feature: API study summary

The general idea of API usability testing is to provide feedback on API usability by different developers. But analyzing developers’ reports is painstaking and time-consuming work. Many of our clients are too busy to do that and want to get a direct and actionable list of improvements that should be made to improve the usability of their API, along with generic developers’ reports. So we decided to provide API study summary reports (example #1) based on developers’ reports. We undertake the job of analyzing the reports, calculating different statistical information, and, most importantly, providing a prioritized list of actionable recommendations.


Prioritizing the recommendations is strictly based on the developers’ feedback. So, for example, if five out of five developers report the same issue, then it is marked as the highest priority. If one out of five developers reports the issue, the issue is marked as the lowest priority.
Each row of the following table is clickable. So when you click on a row, you will see the relevant comments in the developers’ reports:


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